HouckDesign Workshop at the
International Disc Golf Center, Appling, GA

John at IDGC

Welcome and Join us on February 26-28, 2016, in Augusta, GA

The 2nd Art and Business of Course Design Workshop Feb 26-27, 2016
PDGA Tournament, IDGC, Feb 27-28th, 2016, TD -- Jason Allind, PDGA

The workshop is designed such that attendees learn using a variety of exercises. We’ll be covering several important topics, so plan on enjoying yourself while you learn. Participation is encouraged. Everyone will receive a HouckDesign Certificate for 10 hours credit that can be applied in the future to earn a certification as we develop that process.

The Art & Business of Course Design Workshop costs $250.00 per person and includes a custom full-color disc, a workbook, snacks, soft drinks, coffee, tea, special drawings, and prizes.

Those who attended the Frost Valley workshop can take this workshop again at half price. The exercises will all be different from Frost Valley. We will cover similar material, but the experience will be different. We recommend repeating the workshop, and we will offer 5 hours of HouckDesign Educational credit towards your HouckDesign certification process once that is created.

John Houck and Dee Leekha
John Houck and Dee Leekha

Join us for our second historic and memorable weekend full of learning course design while having fun participating and playing!

Attend the workshop and/or participate in a PDGA Tournament. Please contact Jason Allind at the PDGA for information about the tournament. Jason will also have information on local hotels where you can stay. Click Here To Register For the Tournament.

The schedule we have created permits you to attend both. Email us for any workshop questions or to register. Contact@HouckDesign.com


Friday, February 26, 2016

   7:30 a.m. - 8:15 a.m.  Breakfast and Introductions at IDGC by HouckDesign

   8:00 - 2:30 HouckDesign Workshop Introductory ABCD Part I (includes a working lunch)
         • First topic: HDI Principles-- John’s Principles for Design
         • Second Topic: 7 Principles for Success as a Course Designer
         • Third Topic: Course Routing – The Right Answer Out of Thousands

   2:30–6:00 HouckDesign Workshop Introductory ABCD Part II
         • Fourth Topic: What is Your Time Worth? Analysis of Design Fees, etc.
         • Fifth Topic: BG to DG: Ball Golf to Disc Golf Concepts and Trends

   7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.  Dinner, John Houck discusses IDGC DESIGN PROJECT

Saturday, February 27, 2016

   3:00–6:30 Houck Design Workshop Introductory ABCD Part III
         • Sixth Topic: Land Features -- I Only See Opportunity/How to Make Lemonade

   7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.  Dinner TBD

HouckDesign Workshop Testimonials

‘Thank you very much John. Your design conference left me more motivated, inspired and confident than I could have imagined. The conference was outstanding, the venue was perfect, and the course at Frost Valley demonstrates just how much you have to teach. This course has been in my thoughts nearly every second - so much more to be observed and learned from the principles that you have designed into this course alone. I look forward to a potential return trip to Frost Valley and getting more in depth with the course and process of philosophy/thoughts/principles/execution of this course. I feel there is so much to learn here, and you are an excellent teacher.’


‘What an incredible opportunity. I'm still working my way home and will have added three more of the top 25 courses to my played list and none of them come close to Frost Valley. Congratulations on another gem John. I hope to continue to learn from you in more depth over the next few years.’


‘I look at the world differently now. A new found confidence with myself and where I can go & what I am capable of doing are a few things you have both left with me. My mind is swirling with ideas & concepts.’


‘My brain has not been challenged like that in quite some time. It was great, thank you both.’


‘Thank you John and Dee for an experience and a weekend I'll never forget. I hope to attend another in the future. I had a great time and the course was absolutely amazing and the most difficult I have ever played. You truly continue to set the standards for our sport.’


‘Thank you so much. You two taught me some much in this short time in the magical Catskill mountains. You truly helped me open up my mind to broader horizons and making myself a better person as well as a disc golfer. So, please, John and Dee, keep on teaching the most informative and comprehensive course design available. I intend on seeing you guys in the future.’