Uplifting communities and lives through the sport and game of disc golf.
We help communities thrive through disc golf because we care.

We propel the sport further through our passion in design.

We create healthier lives in your community with relationships through disc golf.

Circular Productions was formed in 1984 by John Houck, a pioneer in the world of disc sports. John Houck has been bringing new opportunities, events, products and services to the sport of disc golf, for all to enjoy, for over 30 years. John Houck created World's Biggest Disc Golf Weekend in 1991 and Circular Productions has been a leader in the disc golf world since the 80s.

Dee Leekha joined in 2007 as Co-founder of Circular Productions, LLC, created HouckDesign, expanded Texas Teams, Amateur Doubles Worlds, and World's Biggest Disc Golf Weekend (WBDGW). Her connection to humanity and desire to help communities has played an integral role in the development, growth and re-design of Circular Productions, LLC.

The combined experience of John Houck, Dee Leekha, creates a total of 60 years of experience in business and event management with a total of nearly 40 years of combined experience specifically in the disc sports industry.

Through the Houcks' contributions, creativity, collaboration and consciousness, Circular Productions, LLC continues to devote itself to the "love of disc golf" and the Houck's work together in their vision for disc golf.

Circular Productions Vision:
"Our vision is to witness children, teenagers and adults of all ages enjoy disc golf in communities around the world as an alternative, accessible, fun outdoor activity for a healthier lifestyle."