Dee Leekha-Houck's Contribution to Disc Golf

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Dee co-founded Circular Productions, LLC in 2007, two years after she became deeply involved in disc golf.

In 2006, Dee co-chaired the World’s Biggest Disc Golf Weekend and introduced an element of “giving back” to non-profits, renaming the event WBDGW. She brought in new sponsors from outside the disc golf community and invited business people who had never played disc golf to try the game at this event. The event grew both in the US and internationally. After creating the first website ever for this event, 15 countries and 135 cities participated in 2010.

In 2007, Dee acquired half of Millennium Golf Discs and developed a new marketing strategy which enabled Millennium’s growth to reach 35% in the first year, and Millennium grew almost eight times in four years. Millennium-sponsored players were recruited worldwide, and Millennium’s market expanded in Europe. In 2010, a Millennium-sponsored player in Sweden set the world record for women’s distance at 162 meters, and held that record until Spring of 2016.

Millennium discs

The first full-color disc introduced in large scale retail sales: the Millennium Astra was released with full-color designs through a major sporting goods retailer, Academy Sports.

John Houck’s passion for cutting-edge designs and his experience and knowledge as a designer inspired Dee to create a separate company for John’s disc golf courses called HouckDesign in 2007. HouckDesign was the first company to offer premier course design services, baskets, and tee signs. Dee and John educated and informed their clients in the public and private sector -- including government entities, educational institutions, civic associations, non-profit organizations, small communities, and other miscellaneous groups and individuals -- about the need for safety and quality designs regardless of the size of the land available. In 2015, Dee’s vision for HouckDesign expanded to all levels of courses globally, and HouckDesign began offering its designs on properties of any size, so that people everywhere could enjoy safer, high- quality designs.

2014 PDGA Amateur World Doubles

Between 2006 and 2014, Dee chaired the PDGA Amateur World Doubles Championships and the Texas Teams tournament while John was the tournament director. The events were hosted at the Houck’s Circle R Disc Golf Ranch in Wimberley. Dee invested in and made improvements to the property and courses, including remodeling the structures. She enlisted many non-disc golfers at these events as volunteers and staff. Her expertise in chairing fund-raisers and in event planning enabled these events to triple in attendance in a few years. For the last decade, Dee has devoted herself to disc golf, and she has been helping to bring the sport into the mainstream by introducing it outside the disc golf industry and creating new markets.

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Frost Valley YMCA Premier ABCD Workshop
Frost Valley YMCA, Oct. 2015,
Premier ABCD Workshop

The Art and Business of Course Design, a workshop Dee and John created, is now being presented around the country. Landscape Architects, City Planners, Disc Golf Course Designers, and Players can acquire the knowledge they need to create quality and safer courses. HouckDesign promotes safety and quality in design through John’s principles in design and Dee’s system and process of Business Consciousness®.

Dee HouckDuring the past ten years, Dee has personally witnessed how disc golf can benefit individuals, families, and communities. This experience has been the inspiration for her work. Dee takes to heart the mission to uplift communities and lives through the sport and game of disc golf. Dee has helped grow disc golf by presenting the game’s true spirit-- a positive outdoor recreation that’s family friendly and suitable for all ages. Dee envisions disc golfers of all ages playing on well-designed courses for optimal enjoyment.