America's Fastest-Growing Sport

What is Disc Golf?

Man throwing disc into to disc golf basket Disc golf combines one of the world’s great games – golf – with a modern recreational phenomenon – the flying disc. The now well-organized and hugely popular sport began with the simple fun of throwing a piece of plastic. As far back as the 1950s, players throwing at trees, lamp posts, and even garbage cans realized that they were playing a modern version of golf. In the 1960s and 1970s, other major disc sports developed, including Ultimate (which combines discs with of the best elements of soccer and football), Freestyle, and Double Disc Court (a Space Age disc version of tennis). In 1976, Ed Headrick, an executive at Wham-O, patented the first dedicated target for the game: the Disc Pole Hole. He founded the Disc Golf Association and the Professional Disc Golf Association, which he later turned over to the players themselves. For his contributions "Steady" Ed is widely known as the Father of Disc Golf.

Disc Golf Basket at Sunset The flying disc designer responsible for the technological leap that shaped modern disc golf was David Dunipace. Dunipace invented and patented the modern beveled-edge golf disc and in 1983, founded Innova-Champion Discs. The golf disc he designed provided players more distance with control. Innova continues to lead the industry in disc design and manufacturing. Today, while retaining his role at Innova, Dave Dunipace is also the genius behind the disc designs of Millennium Golf Discs, which is now owned by DiscsUnlimited.

The Growth of Disc Golf

Today, the Professional Disc Golf Association is considered the governing body for disc golf, and most clubs and tournaments are associated with or abide by its guidelines. People standing outside of a Disc Golf Tournament

As of July 2016, over 87,700 players have registered with the PDGA. Disc Golf is played in all 50 states and almost 50 countries. Tournaments are growing larger as we attract major sponsors who recognize the health benefits of this sport on childhood obesity, self-esteem, and team building, along with other physical, mental, and emotional benefits for those who play the game. It's been called the fastest growing game in the world due to it's popularity and the number of courses being installed.

Our course design services offer simple designs on smaller pieces of land to state of the art design for premier venues. With our designs you will gain instant recognition and players will want to come back to play over and over. They can be beginner friendly and also enjoyed by Professional players by installing multiple sets of tees on each hole. But there is so much more that goes into designing the best course on your property. Each land feature must be utilized to showcase the beauty of the land.

Our courses at Selah Ranch ranked #1 & #2 since they opened in 2011, 2012, 2013 and Lakeside Selah was still ranked #1 in the world as of January 2016 on Players review and vote on courses they have played and there are approximately 6,000 courses worldwide. Courses are now getting developed in business parks, master planned communities, resorts, and private ranches and not just park land owned by a city, state, or county. A premier world-class private course designed in resorts can generate revenue for the resort through tourism and tournament play. We offer a greater return on investment for our clients through our designs and marketing.